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Past Meetings

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Draft Minutes
Host Lab
University of Texas Marine Science Institute, Port Aransas, Texas, May 11-13, 2016, Host: Robert Dickey
Presentations and Documents
Host Lab, UTMSI Overview
External Issue - Integration of SAML Laboratory Network with NEZRR and IOOS Monitoring Programs
Network Integration, NERR, Bundy
Network Integration, IOOS, GCOOS, Kirkpatrick
Network Integration, NERR, IOOS, Porter
Network Integration, NERR, Buskey
Internal Issue - Safety and Hazardous Waste
Safety Programs, Beaver
Public Policy Update
Public Policy Update, Widder, SAML 2016
Host Lab
Virginia Institute of Marine Science, May 3-5, 2015, hosts: Linda Schaffner and John Wells
Presentations and Documents
Host Lab, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
SAML Business
NAML report to SAML, Rabalais
External Issue - Sea Level Rise and Coastal Resilience
(see Agenda for full presentation titles)
Sea Level Rise, Intergovernmental Pilot Project, Foster
Sea Level Rise, Legal and Policy Issues, Hoagland
Sea Level Rise, Communicating Risks of Sea Level Rise, Rowan
Sea Level Rise, Street-level Storm Surge Prediction, Wang Sea Level Rise, Tidal Marshes, Kirwan
Internal Issue
Workforce Pathways to Increase Underrepresented Minority Participation, Gilligan
Public Policy Update
Public Policy Update, Joel Widder, Federal Science Partners
Host Labs
Host Lab, Keys Marine Laboratory
Host Lab, Mote Marine Laboratory
Host Lab, Mote Tropical Research Laboratory
SAML Business
Report, SAML Past President, Nancy Rabalais
New SAML Member, UGAMI, Sapelo Island
External Issue
Acidification Workshop, Chemistry, Robert Byrne
Acidification Workshop, Organismal Responses, Lou Burnett
Acidification Workshop, Coral Communities in the Florida Keys, Emily Hall
Acidification workshop, NOAA Briefing, Paula Keener
Public Policy Update
Public Policy Update, Joel Widder
Internal Issues
Academic Diving Programs
Gulf of Mexico Research Vessel Needs

Notes, SAML Meeting 2014
2013Minutes PhotographAttendees
Notes Attendees
Notes Attendees
Notes Attendees
Report, SAML Education Committee
2007 Minutes
Federal Budget and Agency Plans for FY08 and Beyond
Marine Sciences at Savannah State University
Will Ocean, Coastal, and Great Lakes Literacy Efforts Help Build a Diverse and Innovative Ocean Workforce
Photos from SKIO
Photos from SSU

2006 Minutes
Notes Attendees
2005 Minutes
2004 Minutes
SAML Salary Survey
2003 Minutes
2002 Minutes
2001 Minutes
2000 Minutes

Listing of SAML Meetings

Location of SAML Meetings


Local Host

Gulf Coast Research Lab

Ocean Springs, MS

5-6 Dec 1985

Harold Howse

Gulf Coast Research Lab

Ocean Springs, MS

2 May 1986

Harold Howse

South Carolina Wildlife & Marine Resources Dept.

Charleston, SC

Oct 1986

Paul Sandifer

Mote Marine Laboratory

Sarasota, FL

May 1987

Kumar Mahadevan

Dept. of Marine Science, Univ. of Puerto Rico

Mayaguez, PR

Oct 1987

John Kubaryk

Institute of Marine Science, Univ. of Georgia

Sapelo Island, GA

Apr 1988

Jim Alberts

Marine Science Institute, Univ. of Texas

Port Aransas, TX

11 Oct 1988

Bob Jones

Belle W. Baruch Institute

Georgetown, SC

18-20 Apr 1989

Roger Jones

Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium

Chauvin, LA

31 Oct-2 Nov 1989

Paul Sammarco

Bermuda Biological Station for Research


7-9 May 1990

Tony Knap

Senate Hart Office Bldg.

Washington, D.C.

18-20 Sep 1990

Kumar Mahadevan

Duke Univ. Marine Lab

Beaufort, NC

8-10 Apr 1991

Joe Ramus

Chesapeake Biological Lab

Solomons, MD

9-11 Oct 1991

Ken Tenore

Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Dauphin Island, AL

31-Mar-2 April 1992

Judy Stout

Harbor Branch Oceanographic Inst.

Fort Pierce, FL

30 Sep-2 Oct. 1992

Rick Herman

UT-Marine Biomedical Inst. and TAMUG

Galveston, TX

2-3 Apr 1993

Roger Hanlon

David Schmidly

(in conjunction with NAML)

Hatfield Marine Science Center

Oregon State University

Newport, OR

29-31 Oct 1993

John Vernberg

Whitney Laboratory, Univ. of Florida

St. Augustine, FL

5-7 May 1994

Michael Greenberg

Gulf Breeze Environ. Research Lab

Pensacola, FL

15-16 Oct 1994

Bob Menzer

Belle W. Baruch Institute

Georgetown, SC

27-28 Apr 1995

John Vernberg

Mote Marine Laboratory

Sarasota, FL

24-27 Oct 1995

Kumar Mahadevan

Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Savannah, GA

8-10 Mar 1996

Herb Windom

Center for Coastal Studies – TAMUCC

Corpus Christi, TX

25-27 Oct 1996

Wes Tunnell

Florida State University

Tallahassee, FL

8-9 Mar 1997

Nancy Marcus

(in conjunction with NAML)

Chesapeake Biological Lab

Solomons, MD

11-14 Sep 1997

Ken Tenore

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Williamsburg, VA

3-5 Apr 1998

John Milliman

Univ. of Southern Mississippi Inst. of Marine Sciences

Biloxi, MS

4-6 Dec 1998

Jay Grimes

Horn Point Environmental Laboratory and

Oxford Laboratories, Oxford, MD

9-11 Apr 1999

Steve Jordan

(in conjunction with NAML)

Great Lakes Water Institute

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

23-26 Sep 1999

Art Brooks

Florida Marine Research Institute

St. Petersburg, FL

31 Mar.-2 Apr 2000

Ken Haddad

Marine Resources Center at Fort Johnson

Charleston, SC

6-8 Apr 2001

Bob Van Dolah

Mote Marine Laboratory

Sarasota, FL

17-19 May 2002

Kumar Mahadevan

Duke University Marine Laboratory

Beaufort, NC

30 Apr- 2 May 2003

Mike Orbach

Galveston Laboratory, National Marine Fisheries Service, Galveston, TX

12-14 May 2004

Roger Zimmerman

Center for Marine Sciences

University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Wilmington, NC

11-13 May 2005

Dan Baden

20th Anniversary Meeting”

Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, TX

11-13 Apr 2006

Wes Tunnell

Skidaway Institute of Oceanography and

Savannah State University, Savannah, GA

25-27 Apr 2007

Jim Sanders

Matt Gilligan

Pritzker Marine Biology Research Center

New College of Florida and Mote Marine

Laboratory, Sarasota, FL

26-27 Mar 2008

Sandra Gilchrist

Kumar Mahadevan

Estuarine Research Center, Morgan State University, St. Leonard, MD

Smithsonian Environmental Research

Center, Edgewater, MD

27-28 Mar 2009

Kelly Clark

Tuck Hines

USEPA, Gulf Ecology Division

Gulf Breeze, FL

12-14 Apr 2010

Steve Jordon

Center for Marine Sciences & Technology

Morehead City, NC

National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science

Beaufort, NC

1-3 Jun 2011

Dave Eggleston

David Johnson

Florida Gulf Coast University

Vester Marine Laboratory

Fort Myers, FL

10-11 May 2012

Aswani Volety

Jacksonville University

Jacksonville, FL

15-17 May 2013

Quint White

Keys Marine Laboratory

Mote Tropical Research Laboratory

21-23 May 2014

Bill Hogarth

Michael Crosby

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Gloucester Point, VA

3-5 May 2015

Linda Schaffner

John Wells

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